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These are links from my facebook wall-to-wall.

Well, if I am going to put all of them, this is the first one. So that we could catch the same train to NYC.

Scents and Sensibility
This is a really good article on good quality community development set in Afghanistan.

Cheap Flights
Scott linked me this so that I could find cheap flights to places like Russia and America 🙂

How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
I know this was linked to in my last post. But it really is a great movie and if you can get to a viewing, or buy it, or even download it, you should watch it!!

Petroleum feeds Patriarchy
This article really appealed to the feminist anti-oil person within me (that is, all of me!)

A link on Window Quilts that is no longer valid. Google it if you like. Scott’s parents have them at their house and I was interested in what they were to tell mum.

So far all the links have been ones that Scott has given to me. The rest are links that I gave to Scott.

Preposition Hunting in Brisbane
Geoff Pullum writes for language log, and I got that link through them. I linked Scott to this cos I think it is a good description of how/why Australian’s speak.

Mazda destroys 4000+ new cars
This just made me mad, what a waste of resources and and bleh. So we had a bit of discussion about it which was interesting.

Floating Wind Turbine
I thought that Scott and his windmill obsession would appreciate this link.

The Crude Facts of Oil
This is an article from The Age by Simon Mann, I read it and thought it was awesome, so I wanted to share it.

Canada hears of native abuse pain
Scott actually linked this one to me. We had been talking about native rights and saying sorry in Australia, so it was interesting to see another country’s experience.

Like I said to Scott: The greenie in me agrees, the person who cares about poor people worries.

Why are Oil Prices so High?
Although a random blog is not necessarily a good resource, but this one was really interesting. I must admit I drifted off towards the end, but then my attention span is short!

Walk Score
This gives your address a ‘walking score’, as in how easy it is to live where you live without a car. My place rates just above average, Emm’s place is uber-high. I imagine Scott’s place is as low as anything!


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