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Firefox 3.0

With the new Firefox out I need to put all tabs I have open somewhere (not actually read them!!) so here they are:

Cos I always have gmail open as my first tab.

Hybrid vs Racing cars
A slashdot article about which is more fuel efficient / better for the environment.

A couple in Bangor is building an ecovillage.

Time Management
This blog from boing boing is probably something I seriously need to read.

Teach the Controversy
Despite believing in creation, I don’t really think it should be taught in schools unless you teach everyone’s creation story. That being said, evolution should be taught as a theory, not a fact, which is how it was taught to me in my public school. But the shirt has discworld on it! How can you not?

Hammer and Tickle
Another boing boing blog recommending a book about humour in the USSR. The idea that humour increases under oppression is an interesting one.

I really wanna join this newsfeed but have no idea how. : (
Working out how to join.

Obviously I can find this again, but I am listening to my playlist, so it went up.

Google Reader
Best way to read blogs on the internet… I am not sure if it saves or wastes time, but I do get to read a heck of a lot, so it is great.

Movie Length
I would have guessed that movies are getting shorter to match our attention spans. What with ads on tv and dvds that you can pause, lots of my friends don’t go to the movies cos they can’t sit through a full feature length film. And who hasn’t fallen asleep in a movie you paid >$10 to see?

World Cement Use
boing boing again. I am gonna link this to one of my friends.

Of course, the last link is to download Firefox. Now that I have got rid of all my other links 🙂


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