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19th June

I seem to be able to acquire links in a 24hour period like you wouldn’t believe… so here goes:

This article addresses whether the next oil war will be in Africa… I haven’t read it but I hope that everyone is sensible enough not to actually go there!

Midwest Floods
The implication of these floods on inflation and food price. This is something that is very important, not only to Americans, but to global citizens who care about whether or not others can eat. “Worldwide, food prices have risen 83 percent in the past three years, according to the World Bank.”

How to talk to a climate sceptic
I haven’t read many of the links, but I thought this would be a good resource for people who believe in Global Warming.

Blue King Brown
One of the singers for Blue King Brown was on Spicks and Specks last night, it sounded like a sweet band, plus she had killer long dreadlocks, so I thought I would check them out. Unfortunately they are not playing in Melbourne anytime soon… oh well.

Chinese Deportee Commits Suicide
Rather than be tortured this man committed suicide when my NEW government deported him. Needless to say I am pretty disappointed about that.

Flying vs Environment
This is not terribly informative, but it is something that is close to my heart cos I do want to fly places, but I also like the environment.

I thought this would be an interesting article on corn prices, ethanol and popcorn… I only got half way through but it really isn’t.


Comments on: "19th June" (2)

  1. emmeline said:

    Don’t you have any thoughts of your own? Is your life simply a collection of other people’s thoughts? So strange. I was all excited when I discovered your blog. What gives, JZ?

  2. groovyjoss said:

    Yeah, I do have thoughts of my own. The premise I think here was twofold. One was to have a place to save links that I liked, with some annotation so I know what they heck they are. The other was to actually comment on things, but I haven’t really got around to that.
    Plus there is so many things to have an opinion on, I don’t know where to start.
    You pick one and I will write a proper blog about it.

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