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Seeing as they save the world in Stargate, I think this is relevant. Even if they don’t, this is my blog and I will post what I like 🙂

So today I am playing a game I like to call “things I love about stargate”

I love that the way to the secret hide-out involves following a very clear path in the woods.
Along the same lines I love how random uninhabited worlds have loverly clear paths to follow.

I love the way they have dalek-shaped uv light towers at the ready so that when someone says “Let’s get some UV units in the gate-room” they can be wheeled in by random soldiers.

I love the way they say that interfacing two alien power sources together is not going to be easy at the start of the episode, but at the end they just wrap one type of wires around the other and voila – it works!

I love the way that they are really easy to capture/’kill’ when it is friendly and they will just be released or weren’t really being killed, but hard to capture and impossible to kill when it is for real.

I love the way they give up easily on a teammate when (s)he will be returned to them through other means, but would never give up on them in real life.

I love the way there are always convenient ridges and formations for them to hide behind in battle. the most obvious example of this is Chulak, where there is rocks that are perfectly shaped to hide people behind circling the Stargate. I guess it is supposed to look religious and all, but seriously? It isn’t very strategic.

I love the way weapons have different effects depending on who is shooting at who. One shot of a zatgun can take someone out for the duration of the scene, or can mean they are still able to run to the Stargate and save the day. The same goes for staff-weapon blasts. The mark they leave changes significantly, sometimes it leaves a big gaping hole, sometimes a small bloody hole and sometimes – like in the case of Sha’re – merely a stain of blood on her chest. Also sometimes it takes a heap of shots to take down a Goa’uld, and sometimes they go down on one shot.

I love the amount of gear they carry. Couple of grenades, a gun or three, C4, extra rounds, etc. How the heck do they not have serious back problems?

I love the way any other civilisation that is as or more advanced than earth (or the US) is always evil, oppressing people, waging unfair war. And it is as if we are so good and they are so bad. The thing is is someone were to come to the US – or for that matter Australia – they would find oppressed people and unjust wars. We are not so pure ourselves.

I love the way they can walk on ice without ever slipping over, even when they did not know they were going to encounter ice.


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