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Garden Day 4

Today was such a loverly sunshiney day that I wanted to be outside. So I decided to move the dirt around in the second bed and put newspaper under it. For some reason I expected that to be very easy, not to say it was hard, but I got all hot and sweaty in the sun. But I persevered and there is now newspaper under it all. I also came across at least three worms, so that is good news. (I don’t think I killed any either!). In the process of moving the dirt, it was hard to know where the dirt finished and the ground, which previously had a layer of chunky mulch-type stuff which was mostly sticks. So I ended up with a bit of that mixed in with my dirt.
Apparently some people are coming to dig up the drive this week, so that may produce some usable soil then we can mix in some compost and fertiliser and make some kickarse soil 🙂
I don’t want to water my garden using tap water, even in the 4 hours that I am allowed to. Which is, Tuesday and Sunday between 6am and 8am. Or, because someone over 70 lives here, it can be the same days, but 8am and 10am instead of 6 to 8 (w00t). But I think that when so many peoples don’t have good drinking water, to put it on my garden is silly. That being said I use perfectly good drinking water to flush my toilet, so I’m far from good.
Anyway, they say not to use grey-water repeatedly for the same garden, and Joanne reckons you shouldn’t use grey-water on the veggies. But I reckon that cos I don’t use soap in the shower, the run-off water is all perfectly fine, it will just have a few Jocelyn-germs on it. I think Joanne agreed with me on that point. Once actual edible parts start growing I may act differently, we shall see.

I took a couple more pics this evening…

You can see some of the newspaper under the soil that has been moved around.

As you can see, it hasn’t grown too much in the last two days.

And a shot of both sides.

If I was my father, I would work out an exact camera angle and take a photo from there everyday, so that I can make a time-lapse vid after stuff grows… I will work on that.


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