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Links from my inbox

These links were just sitting there, some I had collected, some were sent to me and I was ‘saving’.

Studying with Aspergers.

A not-funny cartoon.

Haloumi and Chorizo sandwiches YUM.

What to keep in the pantry

Roasted onions with lavender

Is it okay to call God ‘Mother’?

Former President Carter on Equalityand some responses to that.

Fairly extensive bechdel tested list.

How to make a funky rain-chain for the garden.

Comments on: "Links from my inbox" (2)

  1. Hey Joss!

    Cool blog! You have lots of great links here.

    Btw, I replied to your comment in my blog but thought I’d also reply here just in case:

    I’ve tried only 3 brands of slave-free drinking chocolate:

    Dagoba’s Chilli Chocolate Drink

    Abundant Earth’s Chocolate Powder

    Oxfam Chocolate Drink

    I prefer the sweeter taste of Oxfam’s chocolate drink but do partake Dagoba’s richer chocolate. I also quite like Abundant Earth’s chocolate but need to add sugar with it as I’m a bit of a sweet tooth. 🙂


  2. Thanks! Very helpful 🙂

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