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I feel like I am back in year 12, because I have recently discovered I am 10 assignments and one full subject away from graduating. Everyone I tell this to asks what I would like to do when I graduate.
It is a little harder to resist this line of questioning than when I was in year 12 and could cite a university degree that I was planning to attend. Actually, back then I knew I wanted to do Bible translation when I grew up.
Unfortunately, having studied translation I find myself unsuited to the task – perhaps I am selling myself short or perhaps God has other plans in mind for me. I have always been very critical of those who are called to missions but end up settled in a regular life in Australia and I don’t wish to end up on the receiving end of my own criticisms.
I also experienced a strong desire, whilst in the USA, to ‘fix the problems in my own backyard’ before trouping off overseas and telling others what to do.
I would like to work for an organisation that helps people – and I have a fairly broad definition of ‘helps people’.
I am now faced with the daunting task of getting a job with an (almost) bachelor of arts and experience only at McDonalds and a Pub.
Wish me luck.


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