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Baby Wombat’s Week

After the fun I had reading Bunyips Don’t to the internet I decided to read another book, My Hippopotamus is on our Caravan Roof Getting Sunburnt, however the quality was pretty unimpressive and so I never loaded it to my blog although it is on youtube.
Cecelia‘s favourite Children’s book is Diary of a Wombat and a couple of months ago I came across Baby Wombat’s Week and so I bought it for her birthday (which was last week). Wanting the present to be somewhat creative I borrowed a decent camera from a friend* and several takes later had not only a bedtime story for Cecelia at uni, but someone to read it to her whenever she likes.

So without further ado:

*The camera borrowing is a story in itself. Initially I posted a status on facebook (secret from Cecelia) asking if anyone had a good camera I could borrow. Two people responded, Ben and Nicole. Given that Ben lives 3 hours away I planned to use Nicole’s. However leaving things to the last minute as I do, I realised I would need to use Ben’s camera when I went home to visit my family. I had just deleted my facebook and did not have his number and so I asked Cecelia for the number. She wanted to know the reason and when I wouldn’t tell her she gave it up only begrudgingly.
The next day Ben, Elise and Cecelia were hanging out at her place when dad came home – they promptly resolved to be elsewhere but as they left Dad called back the unsuspecting Ben for a ‘chat’ and proceeded to ask him about the camera. Given that I had not, as yet, contacted Ben he was rather confused and a little wary; but they left on good enough terms as it was only a short conversation. Meanwhile outside Cecelia was getting angrier and angrier at Dad for calling Ben back for an unspoken reason, an anger that did not dissipate when Ben, having emerged from the house relatively unscathed, refused to repeat any part of the conversation.
Initially I heard this story from Dad’s perspective, after which I immediately called Ben to make sure he had survived his brush with the Family and indeed to ask if I could use the camera and to get his side of the story. After a bit of a debrief and a casual idea of when and where I could get the camera we hung up and I was soon contacted by Cecelia who had steam coming out her ears over the Dad & Ben incident** and I got to hear the story for a third time from yet another perspective. Once I had confirmed that all the secrecy was about her birthday she calmed down a little but was still unimpressed.
The next evening I picked up the camera with little fuss and Cecelia none the wiser, however when I went to use it on Saturday morning I could not for the life of me figure it out and I didn’t want to go around clicking buttons on someone else’s expensive camera. So it was back to Ben’s for a tutorial before he left for work that day.
Finally I had a working camera, Cecelia was out of the house for a given amount of time and Emmeline was on hand to help out (despite my specific instructions not to distract her from her homework). It took us several takes to get it right, the most hilarious of which involved her attempting to crawl unseen underneath the table to get back to her essay while I read – needless to say her antics did not go unnoticed.
After all that we ended up with a video and a present that did not nearly live up to the hype that surrounded it.
Many thanks go to Ben and Emmeline for their aforementioned help and also to Mum for keeping Cecelia out of the house while I was recording 🙂

** I believe Cecelia and Dad are still talking, but I wouldn’t bring it up with them!


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