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Dreaming of Fairies

This is the first post in what may become a series depending on what I find. I found this word document when I was wandering through my computer. It is a fairly disconnected and unedited story that I wrote a year or two ago:

The boy at the fruit-stand suddenly looked terrified and wouldn’t give me any more information, he handed me a carrot with trembling hands and said carrot top. I could barely make out his words. We turned away knowing there was no more information to be had, but that our quarry must be close to have invoked such a reaction.
As we turned away a man, who managed to look both pudgy and weedy at the same time, caught my eye. Well, his hair caught my eye. It was the same colour as that of a Russian woman who is well past being a dyedushka, but hasn’t quite succumbed to babushka status. That is to say it was bright orange.
Not wanting to look like we were following him, I wandered over to a stand selling sparkly hair accessories. A market is a great place to follow someone, because you can get ahead of them in the rows, but then double back to take another look at something you like or your partner missed (this is especially effective when your partner is tall, hot, and quite clearly a lover). We continued on in this fashion until carrot-top entered a regular doorway in a large grey concrete shed.
After waiting an appropriate amount of time we entered the door cautiously and immediately started down a very wide set of concrete stairs. At the bottom of the stairs I stepped out into an open corridor and was immediately grabbed by carrot top. My partner was several steps behind me and had the presence of mind to flatten himself against the wall when I was grabbed; fortunately for him their excitement at getting me completely blinded them to his presence.
They took me straight out another entrance which turned out to exit onto the unseen lower side of the city. Far from the filthy, barren place one might expect, it was a beautiful jungle of lush plants, waterfalls and waterholes. All set in what might easily be called a cliff, it was certainly a hillside with a very sharp incline.


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