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I have lived in Tonga, Australia, the United States and Italy. I have lived in the city and the country and I quite like both.
I have been to 4 different universities/colleges, secular and christian and have learnt stuff at all of them. I love going to classes and learning, however I am not to crash hot on the ‘doing assignments’ side of things. I think the best thing in the world would be to audit college. But then you don’t get a piece of paper, and I need a piece of paper.
I would like to do a number of things when I grow up, at the same time or separately: work on bible translation; work with community development, especially through literacy; work with women and against sexism in all its forms and I would like to work in Australia.
I believe that people, especially christian people, have a mandate to look after the earth. This is (to me) obviously one we are not following and that makes me mad. I believe in a whole lot of things, which will probably come out in the course of my posting.

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