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My Garden Day 132

Today I pulled up a couple of carrots to check that they were growing okay.
Yesterday Opa picked a bowlful of my cherry tomatoes.
This evening I had to fend for myself in the food department. I decided to cook using ingredients from my garden as much as possible. I started off by making a tomato mix. Then I decided that would be a good pasta sauce. So here is what I did:

Fry a small onion and a clove of garlic (both from the shop)
Chop the cherry tomatoes in half and chuck them in. (my garden)
I also added a couple of Joanne’s regular tomatoes chopped up.
I picked one of my chillis that went red in last week’s heatwave – unfortunately it also went all crinkly and dried. So I chopped that up and threw it in, I had no idea how hot that would make my meal.
I put some basil in (joanne’s herb pots).
then some salt and pepper just for fun. (shops, I’ve never grown my own salt)

I then started cooking the (shop-bought) pasta.

The pasta had been cooking for a bit when I realised I had two carrots from my garden. Ones that were planted by Mitchell no less. The other day when I was at Allison’s she fed me pasta that had grated carrot in it, and that was quite nice, so I added the carrot all grated up.

Then when it came time to served I put some cheese and parmesan on it.


My Garden Day 85

I went around plucking the in between sprouts out of my cherry tomatoes 🙂
I also chopped off most of my oregano before it took over and all I had was tomatoes and oregano.
I pulled out a few weeds, admired my compost-grown tomato plants and lamented the fact that I will never get around to filling in my leeks 😥
I also tied up some outlying tomato vines as well as tying one of my chillis to a previously hammered in stake.
photos found here.

My Garden Day 66

Wow. So the whole thing went crazy while I wasn’t really looking! Over the weekend Opa attempted to pin up some of my tomatoes, but they are just crazy. Today I found a couple of other loose strands so I put some more stakes in and tied them up. I also put some stakes next to the taller type of chilli, cos they look like they are getting to the stage where they will start to fall over in a stiff breeze or if they put out another leaf.
Over the weekend I was at Mum and Dad’s house and I am SO jealous of Mum’s veggies. She just has stuff growing all over the place. I was a bit worried when I saw how crazy her oregano is, but she said if I just cut mine back, it won’t go all wild. As soon as I got home I cut back a few of the more adventurous shoots so that they stay little.
My chillis are black in the joins where other shoots as well as the flowers are coming out, hopefully that is not a problem. I tried to take a pic but it focussed incorrectly. Nothing seems to be dying, so hopefully it will be alright.
Actually, talking about dying, anything under the tomatoes spread is looking very unhappy!! 😦 But I think it is just two marigolds, one chilli (which is hanging on okay), some carrots and leeks. But there are more of all of them in other places, so I am not fussed.

Pics are on facebook

My Garden Day 36

So it has been more than a month and there is some definite growth happening.
Yesterday I got around to doing a bunch of things that needed to happen. I weeded both halves, and finally mulched the second half. I also put dirt around the leeks again, and mulched around them. I was out there today to water the tomatoes in the morning and the leeks almost could do with more dirt again today, but I will leave them a bit.
I also redid some of the mulch on the first half, cos it had become a bit sparse. As well as mulching around the carrots on the first half. So all that took a while because on both halves I had to work around the existing plants.
Then my parentals arrived and so I gave them a bit of a tour and mum showed me how to break off the bottom sprout on the tomatoes, cos it wouldn’t produce fruit. I think she gave it a name but I forgot it.
I really need to tie my tomatoes to the stakes that are there, the problem is there are 6 plants, some with two main sprouts that would need tying and I only have 6 stakes. Hopefully it will be alright though. I would love to have a big garden and be able to stake them using concrete reinforcing wire, but I think I have said that before…

Pics can be found here.

My Garden Day 19

So I invited my second cousin Mitchell to come and plant some carrots in my garden. This morning I woke up bright and early and drove to the nursery to buy some plants for us to plant. I got to the nursery before 9am, the signs were all out and the gates were open, but when I went in there there was two guys shovelling dirt out the front but no one inside, or out the back where all the plants are. I figured someone would apprehend me if there was a problem, so I chose some plants and went to the counter – but no one appeared. So I went and got one of the digging guys who found the manager (he had been in the office), he was really flustered, but we managed to complete the transaction.

I came home with: one yellow daisy, which hopefully will grow slowly otherwise it will take over; two punnets of carrots, like with the leeks I overcatered and should only have bought one punnet; and a pretty plant called hypoestes.

Joanne groaned when she saw I had bought more carrots, but the fact of the matter is her carrots are TINY and you could grow a million of them and still not have too many. So I think that is okay to have more carrots, plus, I wanted something that could grow up in the shape of an ‘M’ for Mitchell, and not taste gross like radishes.

Once Jenelle, Mitch and Shaun arrived Mitch invited me to come up to my garden and plant plants. So off we went. Unsurprisingly he had a fairly short attention span (he is 3), but he helped write the ‘M’, planted a few carrots, chose the spot for the daisy and helped plant it. After we had planted half the ‘M’ he got bored, so we went inside to wash our hand and play trains.

Later after they left I planted everything else, I had some trouble with the carrots as I didn’t want my whole garden full of only carrots. So I finished off the border on my first half, so now it is half leeks, half carrots, I also planted another clump in my second half and planted some where we pulled some out of Joanne’s side.

I also clumped dirt around the base of all my leeks, cos apparently you are supposed to do that. I haven’t done it so far, so I’m not sure how that will effect my poor leeks.
What else? Lots of watering and yeah, I tried to put some photos up on facebook, but facebook wasn’t cooperating, so there are only a couple, I hope to add some more when it decides to play ball.

My Garden Day 14

This is just a quick post to say that I finally planted that extra oregano that I bought with my original seedlings. The poor stuff was almost bursting the punnet, I actually had a lot of trouble pulling the plants apart because the root systems had grown so much. Fortunately I grew up watching Peter Cundall every friday night (I can smell fish and chips just thinking about it) and so I knew that I needed to tease the roots out (not be afraid to be rough with them) otherwise they wouldn’t grow down into the ground.
So I planted the oregano, which isn’t all that noteworthy except that it was kinda too hot to do it this afternoon (I didn’t want them to cook straight up), and so I had to do it when I got home from work, ie, after midnight. So I filled my watering can with leftover water and with my phone-torch in my mouth set about my business.
You can see in the below photos that the plants are all higgledy. This is not because it was dark, as you can see from the other side, I don’t like one thing to be all together, and so I tried to leave room inbetween for other types of plant. However the photos are a bit crooked cos it was dark and I couldn’t see what the shot was until after I took it.
Planting in the dark was good practice for if I ever decide to become a guerrilla gardener. 🙂 I think it would be easier if there were two people, and then one could hold the torch (flashlight). Holding it in my mouth wasn’t ideal.

A somewhat skewiff version of both sides – as you can see I have just watered. I will water it again tomorrow morning, and hopefully put some mulch down, in the morning if I have time, otherwise after church.

You can see my loverly higgledy-piggledy oregano here 🙂

This was an attempt to show the plant and the label, it took a number of goes and I thought this was probably the best one – you can’t really read the label at this low-res.

My Garden Day 9

I took a few pics this afternoon and then I went and watered the garden with some greywater.
Opa was digging up a garden bed that is next to the driveway because the driveway people are coming early tomorrow morning, around 7.45am. So after he took the plants out I started to dig some of the dirt up, I didn’t get very far along when I stopped, cos I thought I was just getting all weeds, plus the watering system was all in my way.
Later on I came out and Opa had removed the watering system and dug up a whole lot of dirt. We dumped it into the bed and mixed it over with the other dirt. There was too much in there, so we raked through it picking out the roots that had come through from the other garden. Then we shovelled some of the extra dirt out and sifted through the rest. I put some blood and bone in as well as some other stuff that Joanne told me to put in, I think it helps keep the soil moist.
After that I watered it all in using some leftover water from the watering can, I was going to leave it to see if it would rain, and Opa thought I should use illegal water, but I found the watering can and used that.

If you wanna see pics you have to go to facebook.

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