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Advice for Past Jocelyn

I picked up this idea from something Sally blogged and was further encouraged by the vlogbrothers sending advice to teenaged each other. The following advice is for 16 year old me. I have put it into 3 categories and the advice is roughly in the order I might have needed it:


When you break up with someone don’t immediately jump to a new person, especially a friend of the ex, you are only going to hurt everyone involved (including yourself).

Tell boys when you don’t like them. It isn’t that painful.

You don’t owe someone you flirt with anything. You are never required to go out with a boy just cos you flirted with him.

You deserve someone fabulous. Hold out.


Don’t go straight from High School to uni. Get a job or something before going to Theological College (bugger the arts degree).

Wear what you want when you get to uni. Don’t be scared to go into goth stores.

Actually don’t be scared to go into places. Apply for things, persist in finding the building you are looking for for those tryouts/lecture/whatever. Don’t just cry. Take a deep breath, if you are in the wrong place someone will redirect you.


You are actually really good at Italian, language learning is one of your skills.

I know you are in Tonga and it is hard to organise your semester 2 timetable but *don’t let* Mrs Lyons tell you you have to do Psych, hold out for year 10 Chem, it will make year 11 chem a lot more tolerable. Psych is totally unsuited to your study-style.

Talking about your study style, there is a great saying: “Just write crap, you can edit crap, you can’t edit a blank page”. Professors/teachers would much prefer you hand something, ANYTHING, in so they can attempt to pass you. That is preferable to them than you avoiding insulting them by not handing in something crap. Let someone know when all your assignments are due and get them to hold you accountable to handing in a rough draft to them. Don’t be ashamed of rough drafts. You will hand things in not much better than a rough draft and get a decent mark. (I don’t recommend it as a habit though!)

Ask Mr Mortan for help in Spesh maths. Actually, go to the coordinators at the start of the year and tell them they should split the class in two. 25 is too many people for a spesh class, get mum involved as well. This advice applies to all teachers, ASK QUESTIONS WHEN YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!


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