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My Garden Day 19

So I invited my second cousin Mitchell to come and plant some carrots in my garden. This morning I woke up bright and early and drove to the nursery to buy some plants for us to plant. I got to the nursery before 9am, the signs were all out and the gates were open, but when I went in there there was two guys shovelling dirt out the front but no one inside, or out the back where all the plants are. I figured someone would apprehend me if there was a problem, so I chose some plants and went to the counter – but no one appeared. So I went and got one of the digging guys who found the manager (he had been in the office), he was really flustered, but we managed to complete the transaction.

I came home with: one yellow daisy, which hopefully will grow slowly otherwise it will take over; two punnets of carrots, like with the leeks I overcatered and should only have bought one punnet; and a pretty plant called hypoestes.

Joanne groaned when she saw I had bought more carrots, but the fact of the matter is her carrots are TINY and you could grow a million of them and still not have too many. So I think that is okay to have more carrots, plus, I wanted something that could grow up in the shape of an ‘M’ for Mitchell, and not taste gross like radishes.

Once Jenelle, Mitch and Shaun arrived Mitch invited me to come up to my garden and plant plants. So off we went. Unsurprisingly he had a fairly short attention span (he is 3), but he helped write the ‘M’, planted a few carrots, chose the spot for the daisy and helped plant it. After we had planted half the ‘M’ he got bored, so we went inside to wash our hand and play trains.

Later after they left I planted everything else, I had some trouble with the carrots as I didn’t want my whole garden full of only carrots. So I finished off the border on my first half, so now it is half leeks, half carrots, I also planted another clump in my second half and planted some where we pulled some out of Joanne’s side.

I also clumped dirt around the base of all my leeks, cos apparently you are supposed to do that. I haven’t done it so far, so I’m not sure how that will effect my poor leeks.
What else? Lots of watering and yeah, I tried to put some photos up on facebook, but facebook wasn’t cooperating, so there are only a couple, I hope to add some more when it decides to play ball.

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