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My Garden Day 9

I took a few pics this afternoon and then I went and watered the garden with some greywater.
Opa was digging up a garden bed that is next to the driveway because the driveway people are coming early tomorrow morning, around 7.45am. So after he took the plants out I started to dig some of the dirt up, I didn’t get very far along when I stopped, cos I thought I was just getting all weeds, plus the watering system was all in my way.
Later on I came out and Opa had removed the watering system and dug up a whole lot of dirt. We dumped it into the bed and mixed it over with the other dirt. There was too much in there, so we raked through it picking out the roots that had come through from the other garden. Then we shovelled some of the extra dirt out and sifted through the rest. I put some blood and bone in as well as some other stuff that Joanne told me to put in, I think it helps keep the soil moist.
After that I watered it all in using some leftover water from the watering can, I was going to leave it to see if it would rain, and Opa thought I should use illegal water, but I found the watering can and used that.

If you wanna see pics you have to go to facebook.

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