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Garden – Day 2

Note: There are eight pics at the end of this post, future posts will not have so many.

I am now the proud owner of my own garden 🙂

Yesterday Opa and I went to Bunnings and bought some sleeper posts. I would have loved to have bought the actual old railway sleepers, but they were about five times as much. Then we went to a nursery and picked up some dirt as well as me going in and shopping for plants.
I bought Marigolds, chillis, leeks, cherry tomatoes, oregano and one of those dry daisy thingies (see end of post for pictures).

Opa built my garden as an extension of the existing veggie patch, but it is still quite distinct. We didn’t have enough dirt to fill the whole thing, so we halved it and planted one half. The good thing about this is that the second half will have the benefit of Joanne’s input.
She came home and said “did you put newspaper underneath the soil?” no. “did you mix any compost in?” no. “did you mix any potting mix in?” no, but we did put a layer of that good dirt that was in the wheelbarrow on top! She made a “well I don’t think it will work but we shall see” face and gave us her congratulations.
When I planted all the plants (all this was done before she got home) I didn’t want them to be all in sections, I wanted them to be all over the place. But when I started pulling seedlings out of their punnets I realised I had a heck of a lot of plants. Also, I thought I had 6 leeks, but then there was about 6 leeks in each clump, so I had around 36 leeks!! Yikes. The leeks could be planted closer together, so I decided to make a border of them, the border went around 2 sides, so that was good. I ended up leaving the oregano out, because it just didn’t fit. The cherry tomatoes are also all in one spot cos they need to be staked, I guess I could have put them about randomly, but I like the stakes that we have (as seen in the pics below) that join at the top and split out. But everything else got planted randomly. Which isn’t TOO exciting as ‘everything else’ was marigolds and two types of chilli.
Actually, in terms of staking I would like to try using concrete reinforcing wire a la Homegrown Evolution. None of the pictures show it too well, but in J&K’s established garden, the staking and growing things are all very esoteric.
So today I mulched the garden, and I intend to put some liquid fertiliser on it as well later on today.

For the second half of the garden we will put paper underneath and mix in some good stuff so that the soil will be totally awesome soil when it comes time to plant.
Oh, I also learnt that Joanne’s zucchinis are going to grow all over my garden, whoops!

Once again, Homegrown Evolution inspired me to buy chillis, I would also like to be tougher in the hot-stuff stakes.

I bought two different kinds, in case one was better or worse than the other. I didn’t want to put all my eggs in the one basket.

Leeks are awesome, and I was struggling to buy veggies that J&K aren’t already growing.

Marigolds are because I remember planting them in the veggie garden when I was a kid. And cos I don’t think that gardens should be divided into ‘only veggies’ and ‘only pretty stuff’.

I wanted to buy daisies, and this was the only one I saw that I liked the look of, not a regular daisy, but very cool nonetheless.

Here you can see the two halves of my garden and the corner of J&K’s garden.

I love this pic for the progression from soil to seedlings to ready-to-eat plants.

And this is after I put mulch on this morning.

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