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30th August

The Tale of Tsar Saltan by Alexander Pushkin
A Russian fairy-tale that I started reading and never finished (I read the wiki page on it so I have a fair idea of how it ends).

Stargate Episode list
I’m watching Stargate SG-1 working my way through the seasons, unfortunately some of the eps are mislabled so I am keeping this open so that I can keep track of what I am up to.

A Girl in Australia
I wanna watch this movie, I haven’t got around to going to the video store. It is an Italian movie, actually the Italian title is something like ‘beautiful, honest, emigrated Australian would like to marry a virginal fellow countryman’. I watched in Italian Lit a few years ago, it was interesting.

The Man Who Was Thursday
I started reading this at the recommendation of ShortScott. I am too cheap to buy an actual copy so I resign myself to slow reading on a computer screen. Oh, it is a fictional piece of work by G.K. Chesterton.

Crayola Keyboard
The name sorta says it all, it is just really really groovy, if I had a regular computer I would really want one of these.

Linguistics in the Caucasus
A bit of background for Georgia.

I heard about this on Triple J, it is a thing where you download an mp3 and play it along with a movie (with the movie sound turned down) and it is like a commentary, but sarcastic and stuff. I originally thought it was free, but it appears to cost.

cctv plans
this is a printout that shows how to make a paper cctv. I can’t seem to get it to fit printing parameters though…

Some Solar Ovens
I was looking into this a bit, seems expensive to buy, and unreliable to make. I’m thinking I will ask around at camping stores or something.

Homegrown Evolution had this cool recipe about what to do with a bajillion hot peppers. Joanne and I were sitting outside chatting (I love this spring weather) about her garden, then she said that I used to love gardening and I added that I still do. So we had a bit of a discussion about me having my own patch in the garden, Yay!! The point of all this is I now have to decide what to plant and after reading this blog I though, ohh, yum, I’ll plant chillis! Which leads me to my next link:

How to plant peppers.
A detailed and funny how-to on planting peppers, I am mostly going to ignore it however – providing I can even buy chilli plants at the nursery.

I am also thinking of planting marigolds and maybe a rose, if anyone (ha – I kid myself that people read this) has any suggestions, please let me know 🙂

15th August

Flying Without a Wallet
I think that this is really interesting, there either needs to be good, effective security, or none, not a pseudo-security that protects no one.

Midnight Train to Georgia
This is one of the more interesting things I have read on the Russia-Georgia conflict. Without being definitive on who started it he asks the question “Do we really want to get involved in a hot war with Russia? Really?

Praying for Health
This is really interesting idea, just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I can’t believe in this. I would also be interested to see the linguistic version as well. And does the spread of major religions make a difference? Is that why we get offshoots of major religions? Interesting.

The Man Who Was Thursday
I just discovered Wikisource yesterday, already I am in love.

I would love to see this implemented. Whenever I see peak traffic I think that all these people are driving from the city to the suburbs, why can’t we co-ordinate? Especially when you drive a particular route at the same time every day and see the same cars.

Democrats and Abortion
It would be nice if they could actually put into practise some of what they are talking about. (as if)

Vacation Tips
Via Marginal Revolution, some good tips for going on holidays, I think I would endorse them all. The ‘start packing in advance’ was especially helpful to me when I moved to the US. Weeks in advance I had boxes in my room labelled ‘Australia’, ‘US’ and ‘op-shop’ and I would just throw things into one or another whenever I felt like it and as the op-shop boxes filled I could make (my boyfriend make) trips to dump them or take the ‘australia’ boxes to my parents or grandparents house which de-cluttered my house, making it much easier to pack everything else.

The Story of Stuff
I didn’t think I have linked this before, and it is great. It is about how the manufacturing and distribution system works.

Kickarse Helmets
The title says it all. Does anyone live in Denmark and can pick one up for me? I may start riding a bike. 🙂

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