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7th October

Feminist is not a dirty word
This article by Monica Dux was in The Age and I think it is a really good piece of feminism today – what it is and how it is perceived.

Proofs of God
As we have been studying Ontological and Teleological proofs of God in my Theological Foundations class, I found this particularly amusing.

Should women be leaders?
This piece from God’s Politics is a really good one on the concept of women not leading in the church and how they plays out into the secular sphere.

Doctor Knows All
This article is about a couple who stood up to their doctor about their child-raising. I think it is a very good article about the messages society and health professionals send women and families about children. But it applies to everybody, women and men, those with and without children, because like she says “[t]he doctor may know babies better than we do, but we know our baby.” This applies to everybody’s body. If we are in tune with out bodies, treating them well and listening to them, the doctor can give us good advice, but we can also know if what they are telling us rings true or not.
This is true of physical and mental health. I know of more than one woman who has been told that there is nothing wrong with her when in actual fact she was suffering from depression and KNEW that there was something wrong. Listen to what your body tells you and seek a second (or tenth) opinion if the doctors are not helping!

Acorn Flour
Via boingboing, this is a great recipe for making acorn flour. Now to find some acorns…

The Biggest Human Rights Problem
I haven’t read it right through but what is being argued here (I love the passive voice) is that poverty is the root of most all problems. Problems such as the sex trade (of women and children), terrorism, lack of education etc.

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