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1st August

As it is the start of a new month, I am purging. Most are recipes so that I can use up all the loverly vegetables I bought the other day before they go gross.

World Made By Hand
This is a book that I like the look of, but after buying all my textbooks I am not really in a position to run around buying books. It is apparently about living in Upstate New York after the fall of things like Walmart.

gmail’s blog
I got a link to this cool tip about gmail, and am interested in trying it out, but I didn’t want to forget what it was. If you have gmail check it out, if you don’t then go here and get it.

I bought a bunch of avocados which have probably gone bad by now, I will go check after I finish this post. I hope they haven’t cos I really like guacamole. I think the last time I had home-made stuff was at Scott’s house after Christmas, he made a whole bunch and it was really yum! So I hope mine will be up to that standard (or even half as good).

I have two mushroom soup recipes, one from epicurious and the other from Simply Recipes. I’m not sure which I like best, probably what I will do is just chuck cream of mushroom soup from a tin, in with my already pureed and stocked mushroom mix that I made the other day. See how that turns out.

Super-Man and the bugout
A story about a jewish boy with super-man powers? Sounds interesting.

Growth of Walmart
Looks like one of those things that maps the spread of a disease… Actually, perhaps that’s what it is.

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