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30th August

The Tale of Tsar Saltan by Alexander Pushkin
A Russian fairy-tale that I started reading and never finished (I read the wiki page on it so I have a fair idea of how it ends).

Stargate Episode list
I’m watching Stargate SG-1 working my way through the seasons, unfortunately some of the eps are mislabled so I am keeping this open so that I can keep track of what I am up to.

A Girl in Australia
I wanna watch this movie, I haven’t got around to going to the video store. It is an Italian movie, actually the Italian title is something like ‘beautiful, honest, emigrated Australian would like to marry a virginal fellow countryman’. I watched in Italian Lit a few years ago, it was interesting.

The Man Who Was Thursday
I started reading this at the recommendation of ShortScott. I am too cheap to buy an actual copy so I resign myself to slow reading on a computer screen. Oh, it is a fictional piece of work by G.K. Chesterton.

Crayola Keyboard
The name sorta says it all, it is just really really groovy, if I had a regular computer I would really want one of these.

Linguistics in the Caucasus
A bit of background for Georgia.

I heard about this on Triple J, it is a thing where you download an mp3 and play it along with a movie (with the movie sound turned down) and it is like a commentary, but sarcastic and stuff. I originally thought it was free, but it appears to cost.

cctv plans
this is a printout that shows how to make a paper cctv. I can’t seem to get it to fit printing parameters though…

Some Solar Ovens
I was looking into this a bit, seems expensive to buy, and unreliable to make. I’m thinking I will ask around at camping stores or something.

Homegrown Evolution had this cool recipe about what to do with a bajillion hot peppers. Joanne and I were sitting outside chatting (I love this spring weather) about her garden, then she said that I used to love gardening and I added that I still do. So we had a bit of a discussion about me having my own patch in the garden, Yay!! The point of all this is I now have to decide what to plant and after reading this blog I though, ohh, yum, I’ll plant chillis! Which leads me to my next link:

How to plant peppers.
A detailed and funny how-to on planting peppers, I am mostly going to ignore it however – providing I can even buy chilli plants at the nursery.

I am also thinking of planting marigolds and maybe a rose, if anyone (ha – I kid myself that people read this) has any suggestions, please let me know 🙂

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