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I have been inundated with links that I would like to read:

Does Language Change Personality?
This caught my eye cos when I first got back from Italy, I was on the phone to my host family chatting away in fluent Italian (which I have since lost) and mum was amazed. She said that I sounded completely different and that if the cops had come to her with a voice recording of me talking in Italian, then she wouldn’t know it was me.

Bugs Ate My Garden
This one was hanging around for reference. I’m not sure why I am keeping it as Joanne already knows all there is to know about gardening. Still, it is nice to keep some of my own notes.

Mosaic Bike
This bike is fully sick mate. I would love to make something like this for Emmeline.

Mo Movie Measure
Is a movie sexist? The Mo Movie Measure will let you know.

Doing nothing is not an option
I haven’t read this article, but I agree with the title.

Life After Walmart
I am hoping there will be life after Walmart, I haven’t read this one either, so I am yet to find out.

Carbon Calculator
Want to offset your emissions? Here’s how.

Urban Farming in Detroit
I :heart: urban farming.

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