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12th August

Diamonds in the Rough
It is always too noisy for me to watch this.

Alisdair McGrath
I had to look up the biography of McGrath cos one of my text books is written by him and my prof had the good thought that you should know what lens your textbook is coming from.

Bike-Wheel LEDs
These are so freaking cool, they make me want to ride a bike.

Women Deserve Better
I can’t necessarily endorse this, I’ve been waiting for that peace and quiet so I can watch it.

Georgia Oil Conflict gather-up #1
Georgia Oil Conflict gather-up #2
I got a brief synopses of what the heck even happened with that whole thing tonight, so I may give these a bit of a read now I have a pigeon hole to put them in. I know I should have known before tonight but I have been out of the news-loop.

Teen Music
A new study saying that music doesn’t influence your feelings, but your feelings may influence your music choice.

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