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11th September

Tetris Brownies
I’m guessing Brownies in the form of tetris are yummier.

Christian Ska
I think this counts as just a little on the strange side.

The Boy With Two Belly Buttons
This is a fun children’s book about how being different doesn’t make you bad.

Have you ever wondered what we will get around in in a post-peak oil society? Wonder no more. This is really funky. I wonder if I can get one?

Room for a Garden?
This building is very very very cool. There are plants growing on the walls, and the entire design is just entirely groovy.
When I was in DC there was a competition where universities were building sustainable houses, and one of the things that some of them had done was plant plants on the side of their little buildings, cos that is a good insulator, I think.

This is a podcast about foraging, not in the dumpster-diving way, but in finding the edible things that grow in the cracks in the sidewalks.

Solar Cooking
I love the idea of solar cooking, I am a bit of a sceptic though, maybe I should try and make one and see how it goes.

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