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3rd November 2008

My firefox has been consistently running ridiculously high because of the amount of tabs that are open.

Pastoral Care Strategy
This is a great piece by Jim Wallis on what the church response can look like to the global economic downturn. I would recommend also reading the comments that are posted, because a lot of them have good ideas in. It was posted on the 9th of October, so it is from the beginning of things.

What Career Should One Consider?
This is an answer to a (partially) hypothetical question of what is the best career to consider in the current circumstances, especially with the thought that Peak Oil is just around the corner.
The point about heath care is a well-made one. I have wanted to do a practical First Aid course for some time now, but my understanding is that most first aid courses are ‘don’t touch them, call an ambulance’ which doesn’t help when peak oil happens and the ambulance can’t go anywhere. Or (what I’ve considered) I am in some remote part of the world where there is no ambulances, or hospitals, or doctors… you get my point.

Industrial Farming is Stealing?
I don’t think I read this, but I am sure that it says lots of things I agree with, as I tend to think that organic subsistence farming is better for the world. Hopefully this backs me up 🙂

Global Warming in the 50s?
We really have no excuse as this guy was predicting peak oil etc in the 50s. Via boingboing

One of my profs recommended this site to us for our studies. I haven’t checked it out much though. Another good one is ccel.org which has all the christian classics on it.

Synchronised Presidential Debating.
This is just a little concerning. Someone has showed how much all the presidential candidates sound the same.

Think Before You Speak
Why you shouldn’t say ‘That’s so gay’ when you mean something is stupid. via Womanist Musings

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